Things that must end (in GLAM)

20 December 2018

Requiring unpaid labour as the price of professional entry.

Conflating workers with institutions.

Lazy ahistorical justifications for the continued use of outdated descriptive metadata standards.

Using the needs of one particular conservative imperialist institution as the standard for describing all possible topics of human interest in the English language(s).

Condoning value capture by parasitic thieves claiming "we're all in this together".

Defending cultural genocide.

Justifying theft.

Favouring privileged people's comfort over marginalised people's safety; international rockstars over local experts; credentials over knowledge; standards over meaning; consensus over action; Business School over Library School.

Thinking we can't do anything.

Saying we can do everything.

Diversity without justice.

Doing more with less.


Vocational awe.