👋 Hello!

I live in Naarm/Melbourne and was born and grew up in palawa country/Tasmania.

I'm a professional librarian, dilettante computer programmer, and amateur system administrator.

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📨 Contact

email: hugh(AT)hughrundle(DOT)net
mastodon: @hugh@ausglam.space

🐝 Community

I co-founded newCardigan, an independent social organisation for GLAM workers.

Previously I served on the VALA Committee for 7 years, and the In the Library With the Lead Pipe Editorial Board for two years.

I also host some online spaces:

Aus GLAM Blogs collects blog posts from Australasian workers in cultural institutions. It runs on my Rockpool software.

ausglam.space is a social media platform for the same people, running Darius Kazemi's Hometown fork of Mastodon

👨🏻‍💻 Tools

lette.rs - Make static site publishing less painful

yawp - Publish social media posts from the command line

pocketsnack - KonMari your Pocket tsundoku

ephemetoot - Delete your old toots periodically

ghost-to-WP - Migrate Ghost blogs to WordPress

See GitHub for all my public coding work

👍 Stuff I like


You should check out Against the grain, Tech won't save us, and Live like the world is dying for all your anarchist listening needs. Also check out cardiCast - the newCardigan podcast.


Gemini is a fun new protocol running on the Internet. It's like the Web but without all the annoying bits.

Rust is a powerful and relatively new programming language designed for safety and performance. I've been learning how to write compiled software programs with it.

I'm also a big fan of running hot water.

📚 Reading

You can see what I'm reading and some suggested reading lists on my Bookwyrm page

You should subscribe to Emergence and Logic Magazine. I also really appreciate Real Life.

Tyson Yunkaporta's Sand Talk changed my life. Maybe it will change yours.