Four million reasons to think before you mock Dyson Heydon

Yesterday I retweeted something posted from a Dyson Heydon spoof account. Brendan Fitzgerald called me out for it, and he was right to do so. Whilst »

Ausglamblogs twitter bot now has public feed listing

When I announced @AusGLAMBlogs to the world, a few people asked if they could get the list of blog feeds I was using. At the time, »

Building a twitter bot part 2 - it’s aliiiive!

In part 1 of ‘building a twitter bot’ we stepped through setting up nodejs and some fairly basic plumbing to link feedparser and simple-twitter. Today I’ »

Building a twitter bot using node, feedparser and simple-twitter (part 1)

Last weekend I should have been doing a lot of things. Washing. Working on my VALA conference paper. Reading the many books on my TBR pile. »

There never was a golden age of library blogging

For the last several years, many Australian librarians have participated in the annual ‘Blog Every Day in June’ - with the inevitable Twitter hashtag. The idea »

Burn it all down

Imagine a colleague. She’s been hardworking, loyal and dependable her whole working life. Unfortunately, other than a late-career attempt to retrain, she more or less »