👋 Hello!

I live in Naarm/Melbourne and was born and grew up in palawa country/Tasmania.

I'm a professional librarian, dilettante computer programmer, and amateur system administrator.

📨 Contact

email: hugh(AT)hughrundle(DOT)net
mastodon: @hugh@ausglam.space

🐝 Community

I co-founded and continue to help run newCardigan. We help make GLAM workers more awesome.

As part of this work I host two web applications:

Aus GLAM Blogs collects blog posts from Australasian workers in cultural institutions. It runs on my own Rockpool software.

ausglam.space is a social media platform for the same people, running Darius Kazemi's Hometown fork of Mastodon

Previously I served on the VALA Committee for 7 years, and the In the Library With the Lead Pipe Editorial Board for two years.

👨🏻‍💻 Tools

ephemetoot - Delete your old toots periodically

pocketsnack - KonMari your Pocket tsundoku

lette.rs - Make static site publishing less painful

yawp - Publish social media posts from the command line

ghost-to-WP - Migrate Ghost blogs to WordPress

See GitHub for all my public coding work

👍 Stuff I like


You should check out Against the grain, Tech won't save us, and Live like the world is dying for all your anarchist listening needs.


Gemini is a fun new protocol running on the Internet. It's like the Web but without all the annoying bits.

Rust is a powerful and relatively new programming language designed for safety and performance. I've been learning how to write compiled software programs with it.

I'm also a big fan of running hot water.

📚 Reading

If you're interested, you can see what I'm reading and some suggested reading lists on my Bookwyrm page

You should subscribe to Emergence Magazine and Overland Literary Journal. Logic Magazine is cool too.

Tyson Yunkaporta's Sand Talk changed my life. Maybe it will change yours.