Hugh Rundle is a librarian from Melbourne, Australia. He believes that people should have privacy and governments should not. He also occasionally writes about himself in the third person.

Contact and IDs

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1023-1932

Twitter: @hughrundle

Mastodon @hugh@ausglam.space

HuffDuffer hugh

email: hugh AT hughrundle DOT net.

PGP fingerprint: 6388 0D6E C627 5F78 23E7 39C5 CD23 D603 9184 286B

Publications, Talks and Submissions

Who else is using it? Moving to open source in local government - LinuxConf Australia 2018 (video available on YouTube).

Building a richly-featured library management platform that puts patron privacy first, using Meteor and Mylar - VALA Conference (2016)

Who are you Empowering? - In the Library with the Lead Pipe (2014)

Free Range Librarianship: Librarian as Park Ranger - in Planning our Future Libraries: Blueprints for 2025 (2015).

What we talk about when we talk about public libraries - In the Library with the Lead Pipe (2013)

“Technolust: The Fifth Column of the Information Counter-Revolution.” - VALA event (2013)

I read this thing...: bringing professional development into the social media age - VALA Conference (2014)

IFLA New Librarians Global Connection webinar (2014)

What We Have and What We Do - ALIA WA Symposium (2014)

Parliament of Victoria Inquiry into the use of social media in the Assembly and Members reflecting on the Office of the Speaker

Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy

Submission re Issues Paper

Submission re Discussion Paper