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11 May 2012

This post is just for any regular readers.

My branch manager retired a couple of weeks ago, and I'm acting in the position until it is permanently filled.  Whilst in some ways this is quite exciting, the downside is that my job hasn't been backfilled, so I'm basically filling two positions at the moment.  Thus I don't have a lot of energy for blogging and my posts are likely to be a little irregular for the next few weeks.  Never fear, It's not about the books is a long term project, but the next little while might be a bit sparse.

Of course, I'm exploring lots of exciting things, so eventually you'll get to read about them :-)

For today's post, I'm handing it over to you.  If you'd like me to explore any particular areas of library land, or have a burning question you'd like answered, pop them in the comments below and I'll try to address them in future posts.