I've been writing a few small Python scripts to interact with Pocket, including pickpocket for de-duping your list and pocket-snack which essentially drip-feeds saved articles into your list so it's not paralysing when you realise how much you've saved but not read.

ephemetoot will delete old toots for you automatically and keep anything you want to retain.

Recently I released a command-line tool called writenow. You can use it to make static-site publishing a bit easier. With writenow you can use a markdown template to set up a new page, complete with automated image selection via the Unsplash API.

I'm very slowly writing an app called Empocketer. I have a couple of people using in 'alpha', but I'll probably do a substantial rewrite before it's anywhere near ready for other people to use. It's kind of a way to use Pocket as an RSS reader, with some sharing capabilities. Probably using express and vuejs, but maybe Flask instead.


I also need to completely rewrite the code running Aus GLAM Blogs for a bunch of different reasons. This will be such a major rewrite that I'm calling it a new project - rockpool. It will probably use Python and Flask, and possibly vuejs. The new version will be integrated with Mastodon, amongst other improvements.


I host a Mastodon instance at

I wrote an app called Aus GLAM Blogs - it tracks Australian blog posts by Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums professionals and posts links to them on Twitter, as well as keeping a record on the website.

In 2016 I founded newCardigan with a bunch of awesome librarians. We've run cardiParties every month since then, and are now operating in two cities.


In 2016 I spoke at the VALA Conference about a demo system called Tinfoil showing how library management systems might be able to provide personalised reading recommendations without giving the library or anyone else access to reader history. Later I published a page of explanation about it. I hope someone picks this up, but it's not looking likely at this stage ☹️.