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Ghost Themes


code: GitHub
example: you're looking at it.


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example: nope (sorry!)


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Meteor apps


A demo site based on the ideas outlined in my VALA2016 paper. This app allows you to circulate libray items using client-side encryption, meaning the library staff and anyone else can not see what items a particular library user has borrowed (including those still on loan), but the user can.

Code: GitHub
Example: Tinfoil
Concept: VALA2016

AusGLAMBlogs / CommunityTweets

Subscribes to the RSS feeds of a bunch of Australian GLAM bloggers and tweets when they publish a new post. Bloggers can register their own blog for consideration, and admins can then approve or deny a blog suggestion. Also includes a browse interface so people can see what's on the list. There's some further work still to be done here, including making a downloadable OPML file available, and improvements to search and browse.

code (latest): GitHub
code (old): GitLab

Twitter bots

Rijks Teen Press

One of my sillier bots, this matches a headline from the Teen Vogue RSS feed with a picture from the Rijksmuseum API, to create book covers for the fictitious "Rijks Teen Press" imprint. Uses feedparser-promised and gm with Graphics Magick.

code: GitHub
follow: @RijksTeenPress

Recipe Trove

Tweet @recipe_trove [word] and this bot will send you a related recipe from the Trove newspaper and magazine article collection, both as an image and a link.

Uses the Trove API and webshot to create the images.

code: GitHub
follow: @recipe_trove

Pictures of New York

Tweet @picturesofNY [word or phrase] and it will tweet back within a minute, with a picture from the New York Public Library's digital collection. In theory the pictures are relevant to the query, but it's not always what you might expect!

Uses the NYPL Digital Collections API, twit and a slightly more sophisticated use of fs than previous bots (because it needs to save and retrieve jpeg files).

code: GitHub
follow: @picturesofny

Journal of Scientific Humanities [on hiatus]

Ever wished the world had more scientific humanities, and more humanistic science? Now it does. Uses random-js, the DOAJ API and a lot of regular expressions. Also the first bot I've made that runs with a self-invoking function.

code: GitHub
follow: @SciHum_Journal

Operation Bot Leaks

Announces leaks about Operation Random Words operations. Pretty stupid and simple bot, but shows how you can interact with another bot.

code: GitHub
follow: @OpiLeaks

Delayed Transport Vic [ceased]

Whimsical transport delay announcements for Melbourne.

This one is probably the most complex bot I've made. Uses a number of json files and random-js.

code: GitHub
follow: @PT_delays

Human Flight [ceased]

Smartarse bot that politely suggests alternatives for people using the term 'manned flight'.

Predictably, this bot has now been blocked by Twitter, presumably because people reported it for spam. Bot no longer running, but check out the code if you're interested.

code: GitHub
follow: @flight_bot

Library Conference Papers

Tweets out fake conference papers integrating Twitter trends, random nouns and a list of library cliches. Makes heavy use of random-js and wordpos.

code (latest): GitHub
code (original): GitLab
follow: @lib_papers

Aus GLAM Blogs

Subscribes to the RSS feeds of a bunch of Australian GLAM bloggers and tweets when they publish a new post.

code: see Meteor Apps above.
follow: @ausglamblogs

RSS Twitter Bot

The original @ausglamblogs before I turned it into a Meteor app. Easy example if you want to get started with Twitter bots. Not currently in use by me.

code: GitLab